Open To The Public!

Please Read Over These Carefully!


1. All buyers must register prior to bidding on a vehicle.

2. All units purchased must be test driven within 30 minutes & paid for within 45 minutes.

3. Outside sales must be consummated through the auction. All outside sales will be "AS IS" and will not be subject to arbitration.

4. Seller has up to 14 days to deliver a title on a title attached unit. Buyer is cautioned not to sell or spend money on any unit until the title is received.

5. Buyer is responsible for verifying serial number, model, year, and mileage reading on purchases before leaving the sale.  No vehicle will be offered for sale with VIN plate not intact.

6.  It is the seller's obligation to correct any error made by the auction as to announced conditions.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to watch lights and listen to announced conditions. 

All police cars, taxicabs, municipal cars, fire cars, flood cars, clips, salvage cars, reconstructed cars, motorcycles, boats, and trailers must be sold under red light.  The seller must announce these.

7. The auction does not guarantee the year of anything sold at the house including any house trailer, motor home, boat, boat motor, antique, dune buggy, or motorcycle.  Satisfy yourself before settlement, as the auction will not become involved in any subsequent dispute.

8. Any person found tampering with or removing equipment from vehicles will be subject to suspension from sale.  Dealers will be held responsible for the actions of their employees and agents.

9. For safety, an adult must accompany all children.  Those who do not have a valid driver's license are considered children. All children 8 years and under are to be within arms length of parent or guardian at all times.

10. Speed limit on the premised is 10 mph at all times.  Always be cautious and observe other drivers.

11. All vehicles must have a gate pass to exit the premises.  These passes may be obtained in the office. It is the dealer's responsibility to provide his drivers with the gate passes when they pick up units.

12. Salvage, Previous Salvage, & Insurance title must be revealed to the auction so they can be announced.


"AS IS" Policy

1. Outside sales are "AS IS"!

2. Vehicles Bid Price under $1205.00 are sold "AS IS" and are not subject to arbitration.

3. All diesels are sold "AS IS". Diesel engines are not announced, so be aware of what you purchase.

Light Announcements

Green Light: Ride & drive if $1205.00 or more.


Yellow Light: Caution

Blue Light: Title Announcement

NO Light: Regular policy applies.

Note: Watch the lights between auctioneer and clerk, and learn their meaning.  Listen to all announcements made by the auctioneer pertaining to each vehicle.

Arbitration (Turning Down A Unit After Bidding On It)

NO arbitration or rejection on the following:

1. Obvious visible defects

2. Windshield or windows

3. Factory options or accessories, emission lights.

4. Heater, air conditioning, cruise control, and computers

5. Play in driveline (all units) unless accompanied by additional related defects.

6. Oil leaks, transmission leaks, and blow-by (exception: transmission, front seal, and rear mains)

7. Catalytic converters or damaged filler necks

8. Power steering (unless declared unsafe)

9. CV joints boots.

10. Front struts and shocks

11. Any single item that cost less than $200.00 to repair.

Subject to Arbitration (unless otherwise announced) on vehicles over $1205.00

1. Frame damage or frame repairs that were not announced.  Coverage responsibility of such shall rest with the seller.

2. Seller guarantees vehicles against cracked blocks and frame damage for a period of 72 hours after purchase.

3. Motor, transmission, clutch and rear-end.

4. Pulling parts on front wheel drive and 4-wheel drive units.

5. Nonstandard engine or transmission or major exceptions for items deleted or added (example: Diesel changeover must be announced).

6. BRoken, replaced, or altered odometers that were not announced

7. After any accepted adjustment, the unit automatically becomes an "AS IS" deal with NO FURTHER ARBITRATION.

8. The decision of auction management shall be final in all disputes.